Below are descriptions for our preschool-age classes:

Twinklers (up to 3yrs)

$40 per month, one class per week
$55 per month, two classes per week

The youngest of our Rising Stars come to class with a parent, or caretaker to join in the gymnastics fun! Babies that are beginning to walk along with toddlers will have fun developing motor skills, playing games, bouncing on the trampoline, and making friends! This class requires parent/caretaker participation (minimum age, 12). Maximum age of student is 3yrs old. You’ll be surprised how much your little gymnast can learn in a Twinklers class, as they gain confidence and independence through gymnastics related challenges.

Shining Stars (3-5yrs)

$55 per month, one class per week
$70 per month, two classes per week

The Shining Stars classes emphasize fun, strength, flexibility, and balance development for 3-5 year olds(co-ed).  Our young gymnasts will build confidence and coordination through challenges and fun group work. The basics of gymnastics such as forward and backward rolls, headstands and handstands will be introduced, as well as learning at their own pace on the bars and balance beams. When each student is ready for the next level of challenges, they advance to the Superstars class, or even the competitive Comets class!


Shining Stars